No person shall set up, operate or maintain a carnival or circus within the city limits without first making application for a license therefor, and paying the license fee as hereinafter provided.

(Code 1975, 14-101)

The applicant for a license to operate, maintain or set up carnivals or circuses within this city shall first make written application to the city commission for a license. The application shall set forth the name or names of the owners and their permanent address, the name and address of applicant’s insurance company, and the amount of liability insurance carried; and shall upon request show or display the insurance policy to the city officials. No license shall be issued hereunder unless the applicant has a minimum of $600,000 in liability insurance.

(Code 1975, 14-102; Code 2007)

The fee for license required under the provisions of this article, shall be $50.00. The license shall expire at 12:00 midnight on the 5th day after issued.

(Code 1975, 14-1 03)

Gambling is hereby strictly prohibited, and the owner, operator or manager of the business is hereby made responsible for the maintaining of the place of business in compliance with the laws of the State of Kansas and the ordinances of the city. Violation of any of the provisions of this article shall be grounds for revocation of license.

(Code 1975, 14-104)