The fire limits of the city are hereby established and the same include the following area:

Beginning at the intersection of First Street and Church Street; thence south one-half block; thence east to the railroad track; thence northwest to the intersection of the east-west center line of Block 30 with the west line of the railroad right-of-way; thence west to Church Street; thence south at place of beginning, the same being an area one-half block wide on each side of First Street between the railroad tracks and Church Street.

(Code 1975, 6-201)

Every building hereinafter erected or enlarged within the fire limits, except dwellings, shall be enclosed on all sides with walls constructed wholly of stone, well burnt brick, terra cotta, concrete, or other equivalent incombustible materials, shall have a roof, top and sides of all roof structures, including dormer windows, covered with incombustible materials, all cornices shall be of incombustible material.

(Code 1975, 6-202)

No frame or wooden structure shall hereafter be built within the fire limits as given herein or within the fire limits hereafter established, except the following, and all roofs placed upon the buildings or structures shall have an incombustible covering.

(a)   Family dwellings may be frame or wooden structures and the same shall not be subject to limitations and restrictions imposed by this article, except all family dwelling units shall be subject to the regulations and restrictions of the zoning ordinances of the city.

(b)   A building occupied as a private garage located on the same lots with the dwelling.

(c)   Temporary one-story frame buildings for use of builders.

(d)   Greenhouses located on the same lot or lots with accessory to a dwelling or a store.

(e)   Fences not exceeding 10 feet in height.

(f)   One-story sheds open on the long side, located at least five feet from buildings and from adjoining lot lines and not exceeding 500 square feet.

(g)   Grain elevators, coal pockets or ice houses as usually constructed.

(Code 1975, 6-203)

Any existing frame building within the fire limits, except family dwellings, which may hereafter be damaged by fire, decay or otherwise to an amount greater than one-half of its present value, exclusive of the foundation, shall not be repaired or rebuilt, but shall be removed.(Code 1975, 6-204)