Whenever used in this article, unless the context clearly implies a different meaning, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings hereinafter indicated in this article:

(a)   Trailer - shall mean an automobile trailer, an automobile trailer coach, an automobile trailer house, or any vehicle mounted on wheels or which may be mounted on wheels, and which is constructed in such a manner as to permit its use where sleeping quarters, and/or living quarters, or for use in any trade, professions, business, selling or advertising quarters or device, whether itself automotive or drawn by another vehicle except a railroad car or coach.

(b)   Trailer Camp. Trailer Courts. or Trailer Lot - shall mean any place used in whole or in part, to park two or more trailers, or which is designed or specifically equipped to supply a place in which to park one or more trailers for which a charge is made; provided, that it shall not include any place in which trailers are kept solely for sale or for inspection, and shall not include storage of not more than one occupied trailer on private premises.

(c)   Person - shall be understood in its broadest sense, including persons, partnerships, firms, company, corporation, or any other organized or unorganized group of persons acting together.

(Code 1975, 13-301)

The location of all trailer camps, courts or lots shall conform to the use requirements of any ordinance relating to zoning and no trailer may be occupied for any use in the city except in conformity with use zone in which the same may be located and occupied.

(Code 1975, 13-302)

(a)   The installation of electric light and power and apparatus shall conform to the electrical code of the city and shall require a permit and inspection as may be provided by this article. Each drop wire shall be of a quality not less than nonmetallic sheathed cable, and each drop shall be supplied with a separate cut-off device at the supply cabinet or box.

(b)   Any installation for supply of natural gas shall conform to the gas fitting code of the city as the same may be applicable, and shall require a permit and inspections. No open flame gas heater or similar heating device shall be installed and all gas appliances shall be connected to a permanent Type A or Type B vent, and provision made for ventilation in any or all buildings heated or supplied with gas.

No gas appliance shall be connected to gas outlet pipe by a rubber pipe or soft flexible copper pipe. A cut-off valve shall be installed and usable on a rigid gas pipe outlet.

(c)   All plumbing work shall be installed and conform to the plumbing code of the city and shall require a permit and inspection. Lavatories, sinks, and water closets and all receptacles receiving wastes, shall be tapped and provision made for tight connection of waste lines into the receptacles or traps as may be required.

Outdoor water closets shall not be constructed or used in which Vogel or other frost proof closets are installed. When no connections shall be available for the connection of the trailer water closet fixtures to the sanitary sewer drain, such fixtures shall be closed and sealed to use during the time such sewer connections shall not be available in any camp, court or lot.

(d)   A public source of water supply shall be available and used for all purposes.

(e)   No privy, sanitary or other facility shall be constructed, used or made available, and all sewage and wasted liquids shall be discharged into the public sewer, except where no lateral may be available, septic tanks may be constructed and used in accordance with this article.

(Code 1975, 13-303)

No trailer shall stand, park, and/or be occupied for any purpose other than those uses incidental to the use of such trailers for travel and transportation, in any street, avenue, alley or on other public ground or place in the city; provided, however, that emergency or temporary stopping may be permitted and lawfully for a period of time not exceeding one hour, when not otherwise prohibited by any ordinance relating to traffic or vehicles.

(Code 1975, 13-304)

It shall be unlawful for any person to occupy any trailer on any private premises within the city unless the same is located in a trailer camp licensed under the provisions of this article, and in compliance with the zoning ordinance of the city; provided however, an emergency permit may be issued to applicant by the planning commission upon proper showing. The commission may impose such conditions as the circumstances require.

(Code 1975, 13-305)

Each mobile home or trailer shall be securely fastened to its foundation or to the ground by wires, cables or bolts, and the same shall not be occupied unless adequately secured.

(Code 1975, 13-306)

No trailer or mobile home may be moved from outside the City and placed on any lot or trailer park space within the City that was manufactured more than ten years prior to such move-in.

(Ord. 667)